Bradoaks gets new outdoor mural with help from MHS senior

Bradoaks Elementary Science Academy's outdoor garden has a new mural thanks to the efforts of a Monrovia High School student.
“It shows that we are a community filled with caring and talented individuals,” Bradoaks Principal Dr. Jayne Nickles said. “There is a sense of pride knowing that our MUSD students are willing to share their passion and strengths with our Bobcat community.”
MHS Senior Katelyn Robles interned with the City of Monrovia and Food ED over the summer break.
While installing the new outdoor garden section at Bradoaks, her supervisor asked if she wanted to repaint the wall behind it.
“She wanted me to redo it because she knew that I liked drawing,” said Robles. “I want to go into a career in art. So she said I could have my own project painting this wall. I thought that was cool.”
The mural shows a large sun shining on lush vegetation filled with butterflies, snails, and garden wildlife. The previous mural had faded over the years, and it was time to refresh.
The mural shows a large sun shining on butterflies, snails, and other garden wildlife.
Thanks to Robles, the wall now has its youthful vibrance once again.
“I wanted to keep some elements the same from what was there before,” she said. “It kind of reminds me of a children’s drawing and I think that fits for an elementary school.”
Food ED will use this new area for outdoor lessons during the 2022-23 school year and beyond.
Something Dr. Nickles is thrilled to see once the classes are up and running.
“I am excited to see students in our new garden,” said Dr. Nickles. “Food Ed and the volunteers have done a beautiful job creating an outdoor learning space that will encourage student curiosity and enthusiasm for the environment.”
Despite creating a wonderful painting on the wall, Robles said she’s not looking to be a painter after high school.
She’s more interested in digital design and the infinite possibilities it offers.
“I want to be a character designer for shows, cartoons, or maybe even video games,” Robles said. “I really like drawing my own characters and giving them stories. I just want to share that with everyone.”
Thank you, Katelyn Robles, the City of Monrovia, and Food ED, for putting this mural together for our students!