Bradoaks Elementary School

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School Policies » Parents - Let's Be Safe!

Parents - Let's Be Safe!

Parents - Let's Be Safe!

Please remember these important safety tips when dropping off or picking up your children at Bradoaks
  • School Starts Promptly at 8 AM
  • The bus lane on Lemon Avenue is available for bususe only. 
  • Student drop-off inthe bus lane is never permitted. 
  • Double parking is illegal, and it presents a very realdanger to our students. 
  • No double parkingon Lemon Avenue, Parkrose Avenue, or any streetssurrounding the school. 
  • You may drop off your student on Lemon Avenue orParkrose Avenue from 7:30 to 8:00 A.M. Parkingrestrictions are posted on both streets. 
  • Student drop-off at the back gate on ParkroseAvenue is dangerous to students and is neverpermitted. 
  • The maximum speed in a school zone is 25 miles perhour. 
  • Please keep your speed down, and always usecaution when children are present. 

Interested In Helping?

Parents interested in monitoring the drop-off points at peak hours of theday may contact Mrs. Bires at (626) 471-2181.